Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Power of Prayer

At church, I have a great group of friends that I love dearly! We get together to celebrate our birthdays, baby showers, and they even gave me a divorce party when all was said and done! We love to be together and we really love any reason to have a party.

Not only do we have a lot of fun, but we also have a great bond. Our bond is that we are all m Christian women that love the Lord. We have started having a prayer night once a week to pray for some of our girls who are going through a really difficult time. We open up and share what is going on in our lives and ask for the prayers of each other. We each say a prayer on behalf of the person who has made a request before we leave. This has been such a blessing for all of us.

"...the effective, fervant prayer of a righteous man avails much." James 5:16


Elizabeth Johnston said...

I'm so excited that you have a blog!! It's so much better than myspace (in my opinion)! Congrats on your anniversary!! I can't believe it's already been 2 years!
I think ya'll are a great couple that compliments each other and I wish you many more happy years together! Great picture, by the way!

Jennifer said...

Hey, I found your blog through Elizabeth's so I thought I would say hi! Hope you are doing well!

Liz said...

I understand exactly what you are saying. There is nothing better than to know you have a good group of christian women who you know will be there for you when you need them. I was very blessed by being there that night. I am glad to see you on here!!!

Anonymous said...

You are one of my "GPS"ers...God's praying sisters. I will always be thankful for you. It is well with my soul now because of you and the others.

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