Sunday, September 14, 2008

12 weeks and counting!

Well, we have made it to the 12 week mark and I am so glad! I thought I had it made.... for 8 weeks NO morning sickness... then week 9 came! I have been sick ever since! Just in the mornings after I have been up and moving around a little bit. My doctor did give me some medicine at my last appointment and that helps as long a s I remember to take it! :)

I am so ready to have more energy! When will it ever come? I feel like all I do is eat, work, and sleep!

We did get to hear the heartbeat at the last visit and it was 168! The nurse said that it sounded like a girl to her.. she was just kidding with me. But I have had several friends tell me that the heartbeat was correct for the sex of their child. I guess we will know for sure in November!


Leah said...

Our little ones heartbeat's were never an indicator! The boys were high in the beginning and slowed as they grew! Hopefully, you'll know soon though!! Sorry you're being sick...I know that stinks. You will get some energy again, but then it'll leave around the third trimester! Just rest while you can!! :)

Erika said...

My boys were high in the beginning too. :) Congratulations by the way!

carrie said...

I am sorry that you have been sick. Maybe things will get better now! I know November will be exciting!

Three plus Me said...

Yeah, 12 wks is a milestone! Glad everything is going like it should, enjoy the rest and eating more!

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